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“Service to the human being is equal to serving the God”

  We are interested to invite your initial involvement in the social service of the society to transform the people as deceased free society.
  You can voluntarily take part in any of the programme by donating the sum, sponsoring and subscribing the work when and where required, collectively we can do the selected work for the elected area.
  Your esteemed cash or kind will attract some of the lives in the rural parts of the districts.

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Our Statements

  • M I S S I O N:

    To provide the knowledge of education, medical, ethical and social harmony to treat and to teach the youth, men and women Trans them to maintain professional man power with ethical values to fulfill the needs of the society.

    V I S I O N :

    Transforming the society by providing voluntary services through time being and bound programs such as Educational, Medical, Social, Economic, Ecological, and Environment

    A C T I V I T I E S:

    Adult Education,Health Awareness Campaigns,Medial Camps,Environment,Self help Training programme,Fashion designing Center(Tailoring for Women),Conducting work shops and seminars.

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